Your quick guide to our streaming and distribution lingo.

API-based Content Delivery Network (CDN)

API-based Content Delivery Networks allow developers to programmatically interact with the CDN to manage, control, and customize the delivery of video content. By leveraging APIs, providers can dynamically adjust delivery parameters – such as bitrate and resolution – based on real-time conditions, ensuring an efficient and high-quality streaming experience.


Advertising-based Video on Demand gives viewers access to free television and film streaming that features advertisements before, during, and after the content. Instead of requiring customers to pay for the videos they watch, the provider is compensated by the advertisers.

FAST channels

Free Ad-supported TV channels allow your customers access to a wide variety of expertly curated video content without paying for a subscription or digital rental. Our partners include Pluto TV, Samsung TV Plus, Xumo, Pluto, STIRR, Distro, Redbox, Plex, and Local Now.

Infotainment or in-car entertainment

In-vehicle infotainment systems are designed to deliver information and entertainment via touchscreen displays, button panels, and audiovisual interfaces. When paired with smartphone integration services, they give drivers hands-free access to phone calls, texting, and email.

Linear TV channels

Linear television is a traditional TV experience. Viewers simply tune in to enjoy ad-free long-form content like concerts and music documentaries, or short-form entertainment like music videos. Our partners include DIRECTV, SKY, izzi, Claro, and Totalplay.


Subscription Video On Demand empowers your customers to choose which video content they want to watch, when they want it. Our partners include Amazon Prime Video, Claro Video, izzi, NOW, Totalplay, Comcast, Cox, Optimum by Altice, and AT&T. Other examples of popular SVOD platorms would be Hulu, Disney+ and HBO Max.


Transactional Video On Demand allows consumers to purchase content on a pay-per-view basis, as opposed to subscription-based services that grant access to entire libraries. Think of TVOD as an online Blockbuster store: browse, select a title, pay, enjoy.

Cord cutting or cord cutters

The phenomenon of cord cutting means eliminating pay TV subscriptions through cable or satellite companies. The trend is about to explode. There is a significant decline in traditional pay-TV households and content distributors need to target millennial and mobile-centric audiences with new packages