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Top-tier streaming apps for connected TVs

Dive into Stingray’s universe of cutting-edge smart TV apps designed to immerse viewers in the mesmerizing worlds of music, concerts, karaoke, and wellness. Our innovative technology promises a seamless user experience, which includes single sign-on (SSO), smart remote navigation, interactive functionalities, and universal search. With flexible monetization models and easy-to-integrate solutions, our streaming apps for smart TVs are the perfect offering for connected TV manufacturers looking to elevate the entertainment experience for their consumers worldwide.

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Sing your heart out!

Stingray Karaoke includes thousands of licensed karaoke songs, with new releases every Friday and expertly curated mixes for every occasion. Complete with high-quality videos, scrolling lyrics, optional lead vocals, and more!


All the music worth watching

Qello Concerts by Stingray transforms any screen into the ultimate concert experience. Watch thousands of full-length concert films and music documentaries by yesterday’s legends and today’s icons on any device, anytime!


Relax. Find your focus. Sleep better.

Calm Radio is your go-to solution for instant relaxation. Start your journey to a more serene lifestyle with thousands of music channels, podcasts, audiobooks, and guided meditations.


Sing, record, and share!

Yokee Karaoke includes an endless catalog of karaoke music, user-generated videos, and the ability to record and share your performances with friends and Yokee’s community worldwide. Will you dare to share?


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