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For music lovers, by music lovers

Explore our streaming and broadcast music content featuring expertly curated channels that cover every genre, era, and trend for a worldwide audience. Enjoy an extensive lineup from ’80s classics to the latest hits, country tunes to tranquil spa music: our thousands of music and wellness channels cater to all moments, preferences, and moods. Available for TV, mobile, web, connected cars, in-flight entertainment, and more.


Life’s on you. Music’s on us.

Discover the best music for every moment, place, and mood. Stingray Music offers thousands of custom-curated music channels in all the most popular genres, on TV, mobile, and the web.


Relax. Find your focus. Sleep better.

Calm Radio is your go-to solution for instant relaxation. Start your journey to a more serene lifestyle with thousands of music channels, podcasts, audiobooks, and guided meditations.


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