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Concerts and music documentaries for every kind of crowd

Stingray offers an expansive library of thrilling TV concerts on streaming services that bring the live stage to millions of homes without the hefty ticket prices. Delve into legendary performances and in-depth music documentaries that shine a light on industry icons from every era. Get ready for the electrifying sights and sounds of rock, pop, classical, and jazz TV concerts, intimate acoustic sets, and exclusive glimpses of artists backstage, all accessible on any device.


All the music worth watching

Qello Concerts by Stingray transforms any screen into the ultimate concert experience. Watch thousands of full-length concert films and music documentaries by yesterday’s legends and today’s icons on any device, anytime!


Your classical music journey starts here.

Stingray Classica is a premium television channel for the most celebrated classical music, operas, and ballets. Delight in performances featuring the most influential maestros, musicians, singers, and dancers


Living the world of jazz

Stingray DJAZZ is a deep dive into jazz without boundaries, offering a selection of concerts, major festival performances, rare documentaries, intimate portraits, and behind-the-scenes footage of artists from around the world.


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