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Experts in music licensing and rights management

Our comprehensive rights management expertise forms the backbone of our global music and video licensing operations. Bolstered by a team of seasoned professionals well acquainted with this complex landscape, we offer and seamlessly deliver an exceptional array of licensed content to partners and audiences worldwide, allowing them access to top-tier entertainment solutions that respect both legal compliance and artistic integrity.

Our industry partners

Stingray’s partner network includes long-standing relationships with over 300 music labels, publishers, and studios, which enables us to offer an eclectic mix of content that caters to diverse audiences around the world. These partnerships include the likes of Sony Music, Warner Music Group, Universal Music Group, BMG, Kobalt, and Mercury Studios, as well as many independent content providers.

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Global rights and reach

Our expertise in international rights management along with our global footprint are a testament to our ability to navigate music and video licensing complexities that vary from territory to territory. We effectively clear the rights to licensed content worldwide and distribute it with confidence across leading platforms such as Amazon, Comcast, Samsung, LG, BYD, and Tesla.

Distribution formats 

Our licensed content caters to a variety of linear and on-demand distribution formats, including Free Ad-Supported Television (FAST), Video On Demand (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD, FVOD), TV apps, connected cars and travel, API delivery, and more. This versatility ensures that our content is accessible where and how our audiences want it, providing them with the gold standard in entertainment flexibility.

Our content

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Audio music channels

Stingray curates thousands of playlists and channels featuring a rich selection of localized and international music from both emerging artists and global superstars across all genre. From mood-based compilations to decade-specific channels, our licensed music fuels bespoke audio experiences designed to connect with listeners on a personal level.

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Concerts and music documentaries

We manage rights for an expansive catalog of concert films, festival footage, and music documentaries featuring legendary artists through the ages. This content forms the core of our concert channel offering, providing long-form entertainment that captivates music fans everywhere.

Music videos

Our portfolio includes music videos from modern chart-toppers to timeless icons in pop, rock, hip hop, and R&B. These short-form visuals are a vibrant celebration of the artists and their music, allowing fans to connect with their favorite tunes in a whole new way.


Our unparalleled library of over 100,000 owned or controlled karaoke recordings features songs from the world’s most celebrated artists, including trending hits, timeless classics, and Disney tracks. Available in over 25 languages, our offering invites consumers worldwide to find their voices.

License our content

Stingray’s catalog of proprietary content is available for licensing. Leverage our expansive library for your next project, whether it be film, TV, commercials, or sampling. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Need music for your business?

Stingray offers turnkey licensed music solutions for commercial use that suit every type of business and retail location. Our expertly curated playlists reflect each brand’s image and enhance the in-store experience.


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