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Ready to unleash your inner superstar? These karaoke music hits will take your performance platinum. Our catalog features over 100,000 tracks and themed party mixes in over 25 languages that users can enjoy solo, with friends, or even in the car! Choose from the apps below and sing karaoke today.


Sing your heart out!

Stingray Karaoke includes thousands of licensed karaoke songs, with new releases every Friday and expertly curated mixes for every occasion. Complete with high-quality videos, scrolling lyrics, optional lead vocals, and more!


Plug, play, and rock the stage!

The Singing Machine offers the industry’s widest line of karaoke products, allowing singers to find the best karaoke machine for singing practice, music listening, entertainment, social sharing, and more.


Sing, record, and share!

Yokee Karaoke includes an endless catalog of karaoke music, user-generated videos, and the ability to record and share your performances with friends and Yokee’s community worldwide. Will you dare to share?

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Subscribing is easy! Start by downloading the app and tap “Subscribe now.” Follow the prompts to complete your account details then get ready to sing your heart out!

Purchase your Yokee Karaoke VIP subscription with ease! Simply download the app, tap the menu icon, and select “Upgrade to VIP.”

Yes! Designed for multiplatform use, you can transform any space into a lively karaoke stage while you sing karaoke. Try a thrilling ride from the back seat with Tesla Karaoke, one of our in-vehicle entertainment systems.

Our extensive Stingray Karaoke store features over 100 thousand licensed karaoke songs, including the latest hits of karaoke today. With fresh releases updated every Friday and expertly curated party mixes cater to every occasion, get ready to be the life of the party!

Our Stingray Karaoke Download Store is the perfect karaoke site to find and download your favorite karaoke songs. Select from thousands of chart-topping tracks and themed party mixes. If you have any questions about our karaoke store, the Stingray support team is always available.