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Local radio advertising

Reach over 7 million Canadians a week with local radio advertising.

Targeted radio commercials on a national scale

Stingray Radio is the largest network for local radio advertising in Canada. With over 100 radio stations from Vancouver to St. John’s, we connect with millions of listeners at home, at work, and in the car, in the largest cities and the smallest towns. We inform, we entertain, but most importantly, we are the lifeblood of each community – and by extension, so are advertisers who run radio commercials with us.

Why radio advertising?

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Local targeting

Radio reaches listeners where they live, work, and shop, allowing advertisers to target consumers at a local level.

loyal listenership
Loyal listenership

Advertisers have the opportunity to become an integral part of the community and reach loyal and engaged listeners.

cost freindly media
Cost-friendly media

Local radio advertising is one of the most cost-effective solutions for advertisers, offering them value for their budget.

90 minutes

is the time the average Canadian spends each day listening to the radio.

Source: 2020 AdNation Study, Ipsos Canada in partnership with thinkTV.

Combining local radio ads and digital media

Stingray offers industry-leading access to digital platforms, giving your business the killer combination of radio and digital for maximum campaign amplification and ROI.

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Reach listeners in their homes, cars, and offices with high-impact radio ads.

woman listening to the radio on her laptop

Social media advertising, YouTube advertising, display ads, and search optimization.

woman watching tv

Connected TV brings your messages to the millions who have “cut the cord”.

man in store shopping
Digital retail audio

Speak to consumers as they shop with Canada’s largest network of in-store audio.

We’ve got you covered

creative production
Creative production

Our award-winning team can craft an ad that moves people to buy.

cross platform
Cross-platform integration

We’ll take your message to listeners no matter where or how they listen.

detailed report
Detailed reporting

Every ad dollar you spend will be maximized and accounted for.

one on one support
One-on-one support

Our team of media solutions experts will guide you the entire way.


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