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Learn something new while having bucketloads of fun! From a game-night trivia TV channel to mobile learning apps that make playing piano a cinch: our Q&A content and e-learning tools are designed to test your knowledge, teach you new skills, and engage your mind in all the right ways.


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Finally, an outlet for your obscure knowledge and niche know-how! Ultimate Trivia by Stingray is non-stop fun to enjoy with family and friends, featuring thousands of engaging and interactive trivia questions.


Learning piano made easy

Tap into your musical genius and unleash your inner maestro with Piano Academy! This e-learning piano app features daily lessons and practice sessions, paving the path for you to achieving your musical dreams.


Play like a pro

Yokee Piano’s keyboard unlocks your piano-playing potential with interactive gameplay that pushes your skills to the limit. Select songs from an impressive catalog and hit the notes in sync with the prompts!

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FAQ about our mobile learning apps and more.

Stingray proudly offers Piano Academy and Yokee Piano – two mobile learning apps designed to guide you in mastering the piano. Whether starting from scratch or building upon existing knowledge, enhance your skills through mobile learning and enjoy playing along with your favorite tunes, making your musical journey both fun and rewarding!

Piano Academy and Yokee Piano are engaging learning mobile apps that teach you to play the piano, starting with keyboard familiarization, note reading, and playing classical and contemporary pieces. From your iOS or Android device, progress through engaging theory lessons with a unique staff player that syncs music notes with background accompaniment, all while receiving real-time feedback on your performance for an enriching and enjoyable learning mobile app experience.

Yes! With Piano Academy and Yokee Piano, you can play games that are explicitly designed to train your relevant senses, such as musical hearing, hand coordination, and sense of rhythm, among other skills. Once you’ve mastered a tune and achieved your top score, it’s time to up the ante. As you ascend, you’ll win coins, unlock new songs, and gain game capabilities. Complete challenges and hone your skills to progress even faster. It’s not just about playing; it’s about improving and growing as a pianist.
One of the standout features of Yokee Piano is the unique “duet style” feature. It’s the only piano app that allows you to play one part of a tune while the app plays the accompanying melody. It’s like having a duet partner right in the app!
Dive into the world of music with Piano Academy and Yokee Piano today!

With both apps available in Apple’s App Store and Google Play, to start your journey to mastering the piano, simply open the Piano Academy or Yokee Piano app and tap the “Go Premium” button. Then choose your desired subscription plan. Our Stingray Customer Service team is always standing by to help!

We’re so glad you asked! Stingray is proud to introduce Ultimate Trivia, our newest bundle of joy with an interactive combination of exciting questions that appeal to all age groups. The ideal channel for family game night or to inspire competition among friends.

Here is a list of some fun an exciting categories that are offered with Ultimate Trivia:
Trivia Hype
Around the World
Name This TV Character
Food & Drink
College & Other Sports
Weekend Games Nights
Holiday Trivia