Your daily wellness

Restore your calm and improve your well-being with the most extensive catalog of wellness channels available anywhere and sounds to soothe you, no matter your mood.

ZenLIFE by Stingray offers over 250 full-length, 4K ultra HD assets, including Yoga, Massage, Meditation, Wellness, Spa, Stress and Anxiety, Soothing Relaxation, Sleep, and Nature genres, as well as lifestyle content through blog articles detailing the latest in health and wellness.

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Wellness and meditation

Discover a rich tapestry of curated wellness music, designed to transport you to a state of tranquility. And experience the serenity of custom-narrated guided meditations, set against a backdrop of calming melodies. Each element is crafted to help dissolve the day’s stresses, nurturing your peace of mind.

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Soothing relaxation

Immerse yourself in the serene beauty of our wellness-themed visuals. The collection features everything from picturesque oceans to peaceful forests, each paired with gentle and meticulously selected soundtracks. Enjoy a soothing ambiance that invites relaxation and calm into any space.

Improved sleep

Select from a vast array of soothing music designed to usher in deep, restorative sleep. Our collection includes enchanting Sleep Stories, tranquil Sleep Music, and the finest nature-themed compilations. All content is carefully curated to create the perfect backdrop for an optimal night’s rest, helping you drift off effortlessly.

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Where to watch ZenLIFE by Stingray

Find it here. All the relaxing videos for your daily wellness.

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You can now watch ZenLIFE by Stingray on VIZIO WatchFree+ (channel 583) in the US. WatchFree+, which offers hundreds of free channels and thousands of on-demand titles, providing viewers with a uniquely immersive journey toward tranquility and serenity.

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ZenLIFE by Stingray is available with LG channels and provides tranquil wellness music and meditative material in stunning 4k clarity. Experience hundreds of channels featuring movies, TV shows, news, and sports with LG channels. Viewers can delve into calming audio for the most peaceful experience on channel 451.

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Samsung TV Plus

Available in Mexico, Brasil, United States and Canada.

Samsung TV Plus is Samsung’s 100% free ad-supported streaming TV and video-on-demand service with over 2,600 ad-supported linear channels available globally in 24 countries and across 559M active devices. Enjoy a rich selection of southing content at no additional cost, directly on your Samsung Smart TVs, Galaxy devices, and more.

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ZenLIFE by Stingray, featured on Vidaa, offers soothing wellness and meditation content. Vidaa is a smart TV platform offering seamless access to a wide range of streaming services and apps. Enjoy some peace with ZenLIFE.

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Amazon Prime Channels

The streaming service is available on Prime Video via Prime Video Channels for $5.99/month.

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You can discover our collection of life-enhancing music, sounds, and visuals designed to elevate your lifestyle and help you live your calmest life on Plex.

FAQs about ZenLIFE

The wellness tv channel was launched in November 2023 in the United States. ZenLIFE by Stingray was initially only availabel on Vizio TVs but has been launched on various platforms since then.

Looking to carry ZenLIFE relaxing content?

Offer your audience a world of tranquility with our expertly curated wellness content. Discover how ZenLIFE by Stingray’s transformative effects can improve their focus, mindfulness, sleep, and overall well-being.