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Whether you’re looking for the ultimate music experience with Stingray Music’s expertly curated audio channels, breathtaking concert films and captivating music documentaries on Qello Concerts, the thrill of singing your heart out with Stingray Karaoke, a journey through classical masterpieces on Stingray Classica, soothing wellness content on Stingray’s TV channels, interactive music learning with apps like Piano Academy, or fun gaming experiences like Yokee Karaoke, Stingray’s vast library of music, video and interactive content has something for everyone. 


Life’s on you. Music’s on us.

Discover the best music for every moment, place, and mood. Stingray Music offers thousands of custom-curated music channels in all the most popular genres, on TV, mobile, and the web.


Your classical music journey starts here.

Stingray Classica is a premium television channel for the most celebrated classical music, operas, and ballets. Delight in performances featuring the most influential maestros, musicians, singers, and dancers


All the music worth watching

Qello Concerts by Stingray transforms any screen into the ultimate concert experience. Watch thousands of full-length concert films and music documentaries by yesterday’s legends and today’s icons on any device, anytime!


Sing your heart out!

Stingray Karaoke includes thousands of licensed karaoke songs, with new releases every Friday and expertly curated mixes for every occasion. Complete with high-quality videos, scrolling lyrics, optional lead vocals, and more!


Relax. Find your focus. Sleep better.

Calm Radio is your go-to solution for instant relaxation. Start your journey to a more serene lifestyle with thousands of music channels, podcasts, audiobooks, and guided meditations.


Your window to the world

Ease into a relaxed state of mind with breathtaking nature scenes from around the world, from awe-inspiring time lapses of night skies to breezy tropical beaches. This sublime channel is the perfect destination to unwind from the comfort of home.


Your daily wellness

Let ZenLIFE by Stingray transform and restore your focus, relaxation, and mindfulness. Melt into over 250 expertly curated wellness channels supporting your health, well-being, and most importantly, your sleep.


Live. Love. Celebrate.

Fill your home with festive sights and sounds! Stingray Holidayscapes has the best music soundtracks and visual backdrops fit for every occasion, making each celebration feel extra special no matter the reason or season.
Learn more about Stingray Holidayscapes


Step up to the challenge

Finally, an outlet for your obscure knowledge and niche know-how! Ultimate Trivia by Stingray is non-stop fun to enjoy with family and friends, featuring thousands of engaging and interactive trivia questions.


Learning piano made easy

Tap into your musical genius and unleash your inner maestro with Piano Academy! This e-learning piano app features daily lessons and practice sessions, paving the path for you to achieving your musical dreams.


Play like a pro

Yokee Piano’s keyboard unlocks your piano-playing potential with interactive gameplay that pushes your skills to the limit. Select songs from an impressive catalog and hit the notes in sync with the prompts!


Sing, record, and share!

Yokee Karaoke includes an endless catalog of karaoke music, user-generated videos, and the ability to record and share your performances with friends and Yokee’s community worldwide. Will you dare to share?


Plug, play, and rock the stage!

The Singing Machine offers the industry’s widest line of karaoke products, allowing singers to find the best karaoke machine for singing practice, music listening, entertainment, social sharing, and more.


Living the world of jazz

Stingray DJAZZ is a deep dive into jazz without boundaries, offering a selection of concerts, major festival performances, rare documentaries, intimate portraits, and behind-the-scenes footage of artists from around the world.


Music videos reinvented. Classical music revolutionized.

Stingray CMusic is the only channel dedicated to modernizing classical music on television in a music video format. The result: dynamic, engaging, and award-winning programming that dazzles.


A song for every story.

Stingray Country is the music video destination for big hearts, authentic living, and raw emotions. Get to the heart and soul of country music with everything from classic honky-tonk to crowd-pleasing pop country hits.


Your daily recommended serving of awesome

Stingray Juicebox is a sweet music video hangout for kids, tweens, and teens. From pop and dance to hip-hop, don’t miss out on must-watch shows, lyric videos, exciting countdowns, and exclusive best-of lists!


Turn it up loud. Real loud.

This specialty music video channel covers the entire spectrum of rock, hard rock, metal, punk, and alternative music. Experience exclusive high-voltage countdowns and best-of lists you won’t find anywhere else.


The next music video revolution

What’s better than watching non-stop music videos by your favorite artists? Watching them in vivid, eye-popping 4K resolution! Stingray Now 4K offers the most complete high-def music video programming on television, spanning countless popular genres.


Pop 'til you drop

This TV music video channel is home to your favorite pop hitmakers through the ages, from timeless legends to modern Top 40 icons. These upbeat mixes will put a spring in your step – singing and dancing along is highly encouraged.


Great music never goes out of style

Rewind to the ’80s, ’90s, and early ’00s when music videos ruled the airways and shaped the lives and fashions of generations. Stingray Retro’s exclusive countdowns and curated best-of lists are your go-to for all things throwback.


Feel it. Move it. Amp it. Own it.

Stingray Vibe is your source for the freshest hip-hop, R&B, rap, and rhythmic pop music videos. From old-school legends to today’s freshman class, these tracks have the power to move bodies and minds


An eyeful of great music

PalmarèsADISQ par Stingray brings together the best pop, rock, hip-hop, and indie ranging from today’s best hits to the essential classics. Enjoy the perfect soundtrack of French-language music videos for every occasion.