Infotainment systems complete the in-car experience for young and old!

Stingray's extensive in-car entertainment products are the perfect addition to your daily commute with kids, as a carpool, or on a road trip. Partners include Access, Cerence Sing, Cinemo and Vewd.
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Stingray Karaoke offers drivers a premium in-car experience by allowing them to tap into a catalog of over 100 000 licensed songs in more than 25 languages.

Enhance the driving experience with the fun of karaoke. Rated as a Top experience in Tesla's worldwide.



Keep the good times rolling

Stingray Music offers car owners and their passengers access all the music they want for life’s journey! They can choose from various genres and eras to find the perfect soundtrack for their car ride.

Whether you want to rock out or have a relaxing ride we have you covered!


Qello Concerts

Drivers can now offer their passengers the most entertaining journey ever by streaming thrilling concerts and documentaries in various genres. Get ready to enjoy all of the must-see moments in music!


Stingray Classica

Drivers can now stream breathtaking classical concerts, operas, and ballets! Passengers will love discovering the most popular classical musical productions filmed in venues from around the world.


Calm Radio

Drivers can tune in to a world of calm, with relaxing music soundtracks, immersive nature soundscapes, and other peaceful content. It’s the perfect remedy to unwind during the commute.

Connect with clients and receive customer feedback by using voice features in the car.



Car manufacturers and service provider, alike, can receive first-hand information to help improve customer experience and strengthen brand loyalty.

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