Stingray Music gives you access to all musical genres, right at your fingertips!

Discover the best music for every moment, place and mood in your life; available on TV, web and mobile! A wide range of channels, featuring local and international talents, curated by music experts from around the globe.

With the Stingray Music continuous music network, it’s easy to find your favourite type of music; always featuring the best digital-quality sound!

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TV Services

Stingray Music delivers the best music products and services worldwide!

Whether you are a fan of rock, pop, hip-hop, classical, R&B or jazz;  enjoy the ultimate music experience on TV.  TV providers have access to more than 400 channels of local and international content programmed by experts who have in-depth knowledge of each genre.

The Stingray Music experience is available on linear channels or through our interactive TV app. It is included in the basic service offering of most digital cable, satellite TV and IPTV distributors across North America, Latin America and Europe.

How do I subscribe in Canada?

How do I subscribe in the U.S.?

Mobile app

Listen to all your favourite Stingray Music channels, free and on-the-go, with our new mobile app!

Looking for a perfectly tailored music experience you can take with you? Thanks to the new Stingray Music mobile app, you can now stream all your favourite Stingray Music channels on iOS and Android devices, anywhere and anytime you want!

Our app is free for consumers who have access to Stingray Music channels with their TV providers.  Whatever the place, moment or mood; we always provide the best music!

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Web Player

Did you know that you can also listen to your music with our online player as part of your cable subscription? Enjoy your favourite artists on your computer at home or at the office. No need to be in front of the TV to enjoy great music!

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