Welcome to the world of Stingray Ambiance, a unique, multi-sensorial experience that brings together high-definition video and carefully-selected soundtracks.

This new channel combines rich, beautiful scenery from around the world with soundtracks tailor-made for every moment of your day.

Transform your home into a peaceful, soothing oasis with Stingray Ambiance, an ideal complement to the Stingray Music service.


Stingray Ambiance, a unique concept in the Canadian market, is inspired by the global phenomenon of Slow Television. This HD channel presents gorgeous scenes and landscapes from around the globe, accompanied by soothing soundtracks carefully selected by Stingray’s music experts.

Stingray Ambiance accompanies every moment of your day, all year round!


Wake up to a sunrise over the Indian Ocean. Relax after a long day to awe-inspiring northern lights. Travel across the globe to a magnificent Japanese garden.

This new channel brings together magnificent sceneries that change with the seasons and soundtracks tailor-made for every occasion and mood. In the fall, immerse yourself in the dazzling colours of the Canadian Boreal forest. In the summer,  travel to the beach or cottage. Put on the fireplace on a blistering winter evening. There are so many scenes to choose from!  Our nine themes are also available on demand: you can enjoy summer scenes in the middle of winter and snowstorms during summer heatwaves. Stingray Ambiance beautifully accompanies every moment of your day.

Where to Find Us

  • Samsung TV Plus -  Channel 1288
  • Cogeco ONTARIO -  Channel 300
  • Cogeco QUEBEC - Channel 941
  • Videotron - Channel 553 / 915 (4K)
  • Bell - Ch. 1184, 1585
  • Bell Fibe - On Demand
  • Bell Aliant - Channel 557
  • Eastlink - Channel  899 (Basic TV) / 800 (Link TV)
  • Maskatel - channel 899 (HD)
  • Mornington Communications - channel 1861
  • Triple C Israel (Linear and On-Demand)
  • Turk Telecom (Linear and On-Demand)
  • Telus QUEBEC - Channel 4499 (4K)
  • Telus BC/AB - Channel 26 (4k)

  • Hay Communications - Channel 898
  • Bruce Telecom - Channel 1101
  • CCAP - Channel 500
  • NOVUS - Channel 199 / 358 (Beam TV)
  • Xumo -  Stream via CH 451
  • Star Sat (South Africa)
  • Vodafone Portugal

If your provider is not listed, contact their customer support to request they carry the channel.