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Only Stingray offers a full range of music television channels in all genres and for all audiences: from roof-raising rock videos by the biggest guitar heroes to intimate jazz shows, magnificent classical performances filmed in the grandest halls, teen pop hits music videos, and more.

Stingray Country

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Stingray Country is the destination for big hearts, authentic living, and raw emotions. With a growing millennial fan base including both men and women, country music’s popularity is spreading across all regions of the map.

The channel features throwback videos that never get old, charting trailblazers, era-defining legends, honky-tonk jams, and crowd-pleasing pop. It’s heartfelt, it’s genuine, and it speaks to anyone who aches for simpler living. The channel’s diverse, all-day lineup includes themed programming, exclusive countdowns, and best-of lists.

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Stingray CMusic

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Stingray CMusic is the only channel dedicated to modernizing classical music on television by presenting great works in a music video format.

The result: dynamic, engaging and award-winning programming that accompanies life’s every occasion.Original and appealing to all music fans, Stingray CMusic presents the world’s leading classical artists like you’ve never seen them before, as well as stunning cinematic footage set to epic music. All in a dazzling and exciting bite-size format.


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PalmarèsADISQ par Stingray is a unique specialty music video TV channel primarily dedicated to French-language Quebec and Canadian music videos and created to delight both fans of musical discoveries and nostalgia buffs.

Born out of Stingray and ADISQ’s shared mission to promote the Quebec and Canadian music industry, PalmarèsADISQ par Stingray broadcasts 24/7 and presents all the local music videos that fans can never get enough of; from today’s chart-busting stars to tomorrow’s most exciting newcomers and yesterday’s icons.

Stingray Hits!

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Stingray Hits is a crowd-pleasing specialty music video television channel that attracts a split-gendered audience of millennials (18-34 year-olds), which skews slightly female. The channel’s mainstream programming of top 40 hits also connects with the younger crowd (15-18) and older adults who want to stay on trend. Stingray Hits delivers today’s pop, pop-rock, and dance music superstars with a dose of the most viewed and requested video of the past 20 years.

Stingray Vibe

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Stingray Vibe is a specialty music video television channel expertly curated for women and men ages 15 to 34 who keep abreast of trends and are looking for music that fits every aspect of their lifestyle - a mix of the best hip-hop, R&B, and EDM of today and decades past. The channel presents a premiere blend of crowd-pleasing hits, underground tracks and retro jams. Stingray Vibe’s programming is like nothing else on television or commercial radio, and offers a way to connect with a growing and underserved audience. Stingray Vibe presents all-day, must-watch programming that includes themed blocs, exclusive countdowns, and best-of lists.

Stingray Loud

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Turn up the volume!

Stingray Loud is a specialty music video channel unlike anything else on television or commercial radio and that dares to cover the entire spectrum of rock, hard rock, metal, punk and alternative music. The male-skewing channel attracts the prime 25 to 45 audience that makes no excuse for rocking out loud. This unique channel is edgy enough for true fans yet accessible enough to soundtrack every moment of the day. The channel’s high-voltage, all-day programming includes themed blocs, exclusive countdowns and best-of lists.

Stingray Retro

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Great music never goes out of style!

Stingray Retro is a specialty music video television channel that attracts an audience of women and men ages 30 to 49 (“the music video generation”).

Stingray Retro is home to the most popular, enduring and influential stars of the ‘80s, ‘90s and early ‘00s. Tune in for the biggest icons, shiniest pop tunes, and most danceable hits. The channel’s all-day programming includes themed blocs, exclusive countdowns and best-of lists.


Stingray Naturescape

Your window to the world.

Take a breather with beautiful imagery from the four corners of the globe. Tune in at any moment of the day to enjoy stunning landscapes, awe-inspiring time lapses of night skies, or tropical beaches.

Stingray Naturescape is for anyone who wants to transport themselves to an oasis of calm. From yogis flowing through their morning routine to frazzled parents looking for a moment of calm, Stingray Naturescape offers an opportunity to slow down whatever the time of day. 

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Stingray Classica

Your classical music journey starts here

Stingray Classica, the world’s premium television channel dedicated to classical music, presents the greatest operas, ballets, concerts, and documentaries filmed in the highest quality. Stingray Classica offers viewers reserved front row seats at prestigious performances, including 50 premieres a year.

All productions showcased on Stingray Classica were recorded in renowned concert venues, festivals and opera houses such Carnegie Hall, the Orchestre de Paris, the Lucerne Festival, the Teatro alla Scalla, and the San Francisco Opera.

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Stingray Now 4K

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Welcome to the 4K Music Video Revolution

Stingray Now 4K is a boldly curated 4K TV channel that brings home the next music video revolution! Tune in to a non-stop, curated programming of breathtaking 4K videos by today’s biggest and most popular stars, indie darlings, and up-and-coming artists from around the world.

Stingray Now 4K offers the perfect background for entertaining, getting things done around the house, relaxing, or simply enjoying your state-of-the-art big screen TV!

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