Stingray's range of karaoke services delivers the joy of singing in the syle of today's most popular stars and yesterday's legends.

Stingray Karaoke

Stingray Karaoke brings home the fun of karaoke with songs in all popular genres and from all eras. Stingray Karaoke is available as video on demand with a selection of hundreds of songs, and as a TV app that offers over 15,000 songs to choose from. New tracks are produced, licensed, and added to the catalogue every week. Stingray Karaoke features pitch-perfect audio tracks in the style of the original recording artist, and high-quality, easy-to-read scrolling lyrics displayed on original concept backgrounds and images.

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Yokee Music

Available on:

Yokee is a hugely popular karaoke mobile app that allows users to creatively express themselves and share their love of music with family and friends. It transforms mobile phones and tablets into wireless karaoke machines (camera and microphones included). Yokee empowers users to record, add audio and video effects, share their versions of their favorite songs, and listen to their friends’ performances.

Stingray Kids’ Karaoke

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Thanks to the Stingray Kids’ Karaoke app, kids will enjoy hours of fun singing along to their favorite songs.The kid- and parent-friendly app has been designed to make singing karaoke easier and more fun than ever for the little ones.

Yokee Piano

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Yokee Piano invites users to play timeless classics and popular radio hits for free, share them with the world, and even challenge their friends to see who is the better pianist. No prior experience necessary to enjoy a rich songbook across a wide variety of music genres such as classical, popular hits, traditional and kids’ songs. New free songs are added daily.