4K TV Channels

The most complete selection of 4K Ultra HD TV Channels 

How can pay TV providers stay ahead of the game?

By offering a varied selection of 4K Ultra HD TV channels that not only look spectacular, they keep viewers coming back for more.

Don’t be left behind! Join Stingray at the forefront of the 4K UHD revolution by broadcasting one of our boldly curated channels guaranteed to blow away your subscribers.

Looking for mind-blowing 4K content? Look no further!

From 4K UHD music videos by today’s megastars to stunning operas, soothing vistas, colorful circuses, and sold-out arena shows, only Stingray has it all, all in 4K UHD! We bring you the most wide-ranging, diverse, and entertaining 4K UHD content on television.

Keep your subscribers hooked to your service by giving them what they crave: dazzling 4K UHD content they can only get on television (and that will make them want to show off their big screen TV to their friends and neighbors!)

Stingray Festival 4K

Available on:

Television beyond your imagination!

The first television channel broadcast exclusively in native 4K and Dolby Digital audio, Stingray Festival 4K opens a window onto a remarkable world of music content filmed at the four corners of the world.

The channel’s programming includes massive concerts by top stadium fillers, must-see theatre productions, colorful circuses, electrifying DJ sets, beautiful ballet and opera performances, and much more.

Stingray Festival 4K caters to an audience of music fans and technophiles of all ages who will thrill at spectacular live performances and events broadcast in four times the clarity and detail of HD.

Stingray Now 4K

Available on:

Welcome to the 4K Music Video Revolution

Stingray Now 4K is a boldly curated 4K TV channel that brings home the next music video revolution! Tune in to a non-stop, curated programming of breathtaking 4K videos by today’s biggest and most popular stars, indie darlings, and up-and-coming artists from around the world.

Stingray Now 4K offers the perfect background for entertaining, getting things done around the house, relaxing, or simply enjoying your state-of-the-art big screen TV!

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Stingray Naturescape

Your window to the world.

Take a breather with beautiful imagery from the four corners of the globe. Tune in at any moment of the day to enjoy stunning landscapes, awe-inspiring time lapses of night skies, or tropical beaches.

Stingray Naturescape is for anyone who wants to transport themselves to an oasis of calm. From yogis flowing through their morning routine to frazzled parents looking for a moment of calm, Stingray Naturescape offers an opportunity to slow down whatever the time of day. 

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