Bring home the charts

Created in collaboration with l’ADISQ (Québec Association for the Recording, Concert and Video Industries), PalmarèsADISQ par Stingray is the favorite television destination for fans of music discoveries.

PalmarèsADISQ par Stingray provides the perfect soundtrack of Quebec music and French-language Canadian music videos for every occasion: from sunrise to happy hour, from lazy afternoons to late-night conversations with friends and family.

An eyeful of great music

PalmarèsADISQ par Stingray brings together the best pop, rock, hip-hop, and indie ranging from today’s most talked-about hits to the essential classics of decades past.

Discover artists currently reigning on the charts, buzz-worthy newcomers, and memorable successes that marked the turn of the century.

An eclectic music cocktail

The diversity of our homegrown music is as immense as the country itself. PalmarèsADISQ par Stingray is an invitation to go on a musical journey across Quebec and French-speaking Canada.

Music videos from sunup to sundown

Soundtrack every moment of your day with a music selection of nothing but hits. Broadcast without interruptions 24/7, PalmarèsADISQ par Stingray presents a curated, all-day programming, themed blocks, exclusive countdowns, and best-of lists.
Day or night, tune in to shows such as:
Vidéo mix
Week-ends flashback
La zone
La scène
And many more!

Stay on top of what's hot

Do you want to stay on top of what’s trending on the music scene? PalmarèsADISQ by Stingray brings home up-and-coming artists making waves across the country. Discover the latest indie, hip-hop, folk and alternative releases from the most promising bands, songwriters, and musicians.

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