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We are currently working on a brand new website. For more information, please visit our current website: stingraydigital.com

New name, same great music

All Good Vibes

Stingray is the world leading multi-platform music service provider offering the best music for every moment, place and mood in your life, curated by experts around the globe.

We are excited to announce that very soon, all the music services you love: Galaxie, Concert TV, The KARAOKE channel, Music Choice and Stingray 360 will be renamed under the Stingray brand.

Nothing will change, except a new look and an improved on-screen experience.

Our product family

Everywhere you go, All Good Vibes

The new Stingray Music mobile app has everything you need for a perfectly tailored musical experience on-the-go. It’s YOUR music, take it with you!

  • Limitless: access all your music channels and more.
  • Customized: like, unlike or skip songs and easily select your favourite channels.
  • Simple: authenticate instantly with audio signal recognition or with a single login from your TV provider.
  • Social: sign-in using your Facebook account.
  • The Stingray Music mobile app continues to offer unlimited streaming, the highest quality digital audio, expertly curated music channels, and access to the latest releases and chart-topping artists. No ads, no talk. Just great music.

Free access to the Stingray Music mobile app with your TV subscription package!

Immerse yourself in the healing beauty of nature

Stingray Ambiance is a unique, multi-sensorial experience that brings together high-definition video and carefully-selected soundtracks.

Wake up to a sunrise over the Indian Ocean, relax after a long day to awe-inspiring northern lights or travel across the globe to a magnificent Japanese garden.

Stingray Ambiance beautifully accompanies every moment of your day.

Available on: (coming soon to other TV providers)