Stingray Group Inc. (“Stingray”) is committed to providing quality facilities and services to its employees and clients in a manner that is accessible to persons with disabilities, and which respects the dignity and independence of persons with disabilities. This includes ensuring that persons with disabilities are not disadvantaged in any way from accessing Stingray facilities or services.  Under the Accessible Canada Act (the “ACA”), the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission Accessibility Reporting Regulations and the Accessible Canada Regulations (collectively, the “Regulations”), Stingray must establish a process for receiving and responding to feedback about how Stingray is implementing its accessibility plan and the manner in which Stingray provides facilities and services to persons with disabilities. Feedback should include information regarding the barriers encountered by persons dealing with Stingray.  Stingray must accept and respond to feedback (and when requested will do so using alternate formats or accessible communication supports).  The ultimate goal of the feedback process under this legislation is to ensure that Stingray identifies and removes existing barriers and prevents new barriers from arising. Information on this feedback process will be readily available and will include information about what actions are required to be taken after feedback is received. The feedback may consist of a suggestion, compliment or complaint relating to the accessibility of Stingray’s facilities or services.  Stingray will consult the individual providing the feedback to determine what is the most accessible or appropriate alternate format or accessible communication support.
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Feedback Channels

Stingray’s feedback process will take a person’s disability into account by permitting more than one way to provide feedback whether in person, by telephone, in writing, by email, on portable media or some other format accessible to the person providing feedback. Where an individual asks Stingray to receive and respond to feedback using alternate formats or accessible communication supports, Stingray will consult with the individual to determine a suitable method of communication. Employees and customers are invited to provide their feedback:

For Stingray Group Inc

For Stingray Radio Inc.

When feedback is provided via any of the foregoing channels, the following information is helpful:

Responding to Feedback

All feedback will be treated confidentially. Stingray will register the feedback if the matter cannot be resolved immediately. Stingray will acknowledge all feedback within two business days and will thereafter provide a timeframe for resolution or redress. Stingray will follow-up with any required action within the timeframe noted in the acknowledgement. Information on all feedback received (formal or informal), and any actions taken will be tracked and reported in Stingray’s annual progress reports.

In addition to the foregoing, in connection with the formulation and implementation of its accessibility plan, Stingray will proactively solicit feedback from its employees with disabilities and will seek additional input from organizations that support and provide assistance to persons with disabilities.