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We take care of your in–store audio ad production

Engaging and custom in-store audio marketing

Stingray’s comprehensive and dedicated ad production team provides scripting, translation, voice talent, and audio mixing services, producing the highest quality in-store audio marketing. Our experienced team of collaborators boasts decades of experience in sound production, sound engineering, commercial advertising, account management, and customer care.

Whether you are advertising a product, service, promotion or event, you can rest assured that the ad production team has the expertise to deliver an ad that will speak directly to the in-store consumer.

We will soon add samples of our work. In the meantime, please reach out to our team for more information.

Entertainment audio production samples

of respondents who recall hearing an audio ad within a retail location say they “bought the product as a direct result of hearing the ad”.

Source: Brand lift Study, Léger, 2022.
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