Stingray Loud is the only 24/7 music video tv channel dedicated to those who live every moment cranked up to 11.

Rock, hard rock, metal, punk, and alternative music – find all the epic bangers that’ll make you yell: helllllllllllll yeeeeeeeeeaaaah!

You’ll find all the alienated weirdos and melodically gifted here. Enjoy unlimited quantities of from-the-gut expression of realness, unparalleled dedication, and infinite energy.


From mutant blues bludgeoning guitar chords to phenomenal shredding, Stingray Loud offers you a wide variety of mind-bending music videos that are immensely satisfying.

Badass guitar riffs + layers of reverb + villainous voice tricks

Unlike anything else on television or commercial radio, Stingray Loud has it all, from eardrums defying metal hard rock to crowd-pleasing alternative hits. The channel features venerated guitar solo veterans, unpolished rebellious punk rockers, speedy catchy three-chord punk metal hits, and era-defining grunge and alt-rock bands.

Taste the rarified nectar and raw power of the rock gods

The channel’s high-voltage, all-day programming includes themed blocs, exclusive countdowns, and best-of lists. Get ready for an addictive programming schedule featuring:

• Alt Rock Classics
• Tailgate Rock
• 21st Century Rock
• Metal @ Midnight
• Hair Metal Madness
• Forever Loud
• And more!

Sing and shout until your neighbors file a noise complaint

Any time you need an injection of music that is fast, heavy – and has attitude to spare -– tune in to Stingray Loud. Stingray Loud energizes every moment, whether you’re getting pumped for the day, hanging out with friends or simply feel like jumping around the house and rocking out!

Your life. your style. your music. Stingray Loud.

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