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Welcome to CalmLIFETM, a new lifestyle product designed to transform any room into a peaceful oasis in 4K. From wellness music to easy-listening, meditation and soothing sleepscapes, your ultimate relaxation lives here.

Restore your calm and improve your well-being with the most extensive catalog of wellness soothing TV.

CalmLIFE offers over 100 full-length, ultra 4K assets, including Yoga, Massage, Mediation, Wellness, Spa, Stress and Anxiety, Soothing Relaxation, Sleep, and Nature genres.

All CalmLIFE music and content is created or carefully selected by music and wellness experts. From your remote, you'll find an extensive collection of sleep channels to help improve the quality of your sleep and sleeping habits, as well as guided meditations to help you cultivate mindfulness, creativity, and focus and editorial blog articles about health and wellness.

Where can you find CalmLIFE relaxing videos?

As of January 2023, you can discover our collection of life-enhancing music, sounds, and visuals designed to elevate your lifestyle and help you live your calmest life on Comcast and Cox.

Find our relaxing videos on Cox      Find our relaxing videos on Comcast

Stay tuned for more lauches.

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CalmLIFE features a series of stories curated to help you live your best calm life

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The Way to Calm - Deep Breathing & Relaxing Music

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