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Programmatic Display

Reach the right people, in the right place, at the right time. Programmatic display allows you to reach your ideal clients through a robust network of brand safe and reliable websites. Maximize your return on investment by leveraging data and using artificial intelligence to refine your audience and optimize your campaign results on an ongoing basis. Stingray’s complex programmatic software, proprietary reporting system, and dedicated support team creates a more effective and efficient spend of your advertising dollars.


Google Search is a powerful tool that allows you to reach potential clients at key moments in the decision-making process. Based on Cost Per Click (CPC), you only pay when clients click on your ads. Stingray’s trained and Google Certified team will use SEM best practices set up and monitor your campaign to continuously maximize your return on investment.

Social Media Advertising

Canadians are some of the highest users of Facebook and Instagram in the world. Stingray Social Ad management targets your audience on these platforms in order to drive traffic and conversions. Social Paid ads give you the ability to reach new audiences built on their specific likes, interests, and social media activity. Our professional creative and strategic team build engaging and effective ads that align with Social Media best practices and platform restrictions. Our propriety reporting provides accountability and transparency on the performance of your campaign. Our team of specialists use this data to continuously optimize your campaign towards results.


Video and streaming in Canada continues to grow at an exponential pace, streaming services and Smart TV’s are in nearly 80% of Canadian’s homes. Connected TV allows you to reach consumers directly in their homes on their Smart TV’s or Connected Devices. These ads are placed as pre-roll and in commercial breaks as non-skippable, high definition video commercials within the content they are streaming. Stingray has access to a premium network of well-known streaming channels like HGTV, NHL Network, Food Network, History Channel, and hundreds more. Connected to TV adds a level of reporting, targeting, and measurement not available to traditional linear television. Reach your target audience, in the markets you choose, and reporting gives new insights to viewership.


Stingray can increase the effectiveness of your Out-of-Home ads with a modern approach driven by data and technology. Stingray Digital Out of Home network connects clients with strategically placed billboard, outdoor, and place-based digital screens across over 200 vendors. Locations include a wide variety of digital screens in different locations including billboards, street furniture, restaurants, fitness centres, and more. Make strategic decisions on when and where to run your out-of-home ads based on key locations, proximity, and consumer journey insights. Stingray’s creative team will work with you to build ads that grab attention and can easily be rotated, unlike traditional billboards. Reach the right audience in key locations using Stingray Digital Out of Home network.


A website is the digital storefront for your business. Make a great first impression with potential clients with a website that stands out. Stingray will build you user-friendly, mobile-responsive, and reliable site that accurately represents your business. In today’s online world your website is key to the success of all your advertising efforts. Attract and retain more customers with a professional site that aligns with your specific needs and goals.

Organic Social

Not to be confused with paid social ads, organic social media presence is a key component in building your brand identity online. Stingray’s team will work with you to develop a custom social media strategy that connects with your audience and drive engagement. We will work with you to develop quality content that is tailored to your business and your custom audience. Stingray offers solutions across the most popular social channels including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Linkedin. Our professional creative and copy team will curate posts that strategically balance maintaining awareness with your followers, promote your products and services, and establishing your brand voice. Stingray will maintain and monitor your social channels to connect with new customers and build existing relationships.


Attract more visitors to your website by improving your presence on the worlds most popular search engines. Our experts will implement SEO best practices to improve your sites performance, credibility, and relevance. Search Engines like Google and Bing recognize these optimization measures and considers your site more relevant in user searches. Stingray will provide monthly analytics reporting outlining the performance of your website on top search engines.


Music Video TV

Stingray owns and operates 4 x national ad-supported music video television channels. Stingray Music Video TV is available in over 5M Canadian homes reaching over 900,000 viewers every week. Run high quality display and video advertising in front of a highly engaged and loyal audience. Stingray Music Video TV brands include Stingray Retro, Stingray Country, Stingray Vibe, and Stingray LOUD.

Audio TV 

Many Canadians may recognize Stingray by our Stingray Music audio channels, available in over 10M Canadian homes. Stingray Sponsored programming gives premium display ad inventory across a variety of genres and can be day-parted to reach your audience. Reach Canadians directly in their homes through our vast network of channels featuring music from top local and international stars.

Stingray Connected TV 

More Canadians than ever are streaming Connected Television content through Smart TV’s and Over-The-Top Devices. Stingray has penetrated the connected TV market by distributing its properties over free, ad supported streaming television (FAST) channels. These channels allow you to serve HD quality television commercials directly to millions of engaged TV viewers in Canada, Europe and Latin America.

Streaming Music Network

The Stingray Music Streaming Network gives you access to the world’s most recognizable platforms. Use machine learning and artificial intelligence to reach your target audience through digital audio, video, and premium display inventory. This network currently reaches 3M+ Canadians every month and continues to rapidly expand in distribution and content.

Stingray Digital Advertising Network 

The Stingray Digital Advertising Network reaches over 1M+ Canadians per month through their network of music-themed applications. Stingray offers digital audio, video, and premium display application across applications like Stingray Music, Stingray Karaoke Party, Yokee Guitar App, and more. Our programmatic software across The Stingray Digital Advertising Network uses complex algorithms and real-time data to target engaged users on the world most popular music-themed apps.  

The Podcast Exchange (TPX) 

The Podcast exchange helps brands connect with an affluent, socially engaged, and brand-lloyal audience across Canadas largest podcast network. With TPX advertising you can target over 7M+ monthly users in Canada as they stream what they love. The Podcast Exchange integrates your brand messaging directly into the content through host-read, brand-sell, or custom creative formats. Our targeting allows you to target our audience by formats, device, location, and more.

Audio 360

Stingray and Bell Media have partnered to introduce AUDIO360, a national, multi-platform audio advertising solution. AUDIO360 is a multi-platform audio advertising solution that connects advertisers to audiences through the power of sound. Reach engaged listeners on Canada’s largest audio advertising network across television, radio, and digital streaming. Campaigns include custom audio ad production.

Chatter Research

Chatter Research, a Stingray Company, uses artificial intelligence driven SMS conversations to provide better feedback experiences for retailers of all types. Use our conversation engine to interpret responses in real-time to deliver actionable insights. Enhance your customer experience and online reputation management through direct form consumer research.

Retail Audio Network

Stingray’s Retail Audio network is Canada’s #1 provider of licensed background music for businesses. Stingray’s Audio Network reaches millions of retail consumers in over 125K locations across Canada including grocery stores, pharmacies, convenience stores, financial institutions, medical offices, and more. Our massive network audio locations and data-driven approach lets advertisers target their ideal audience by city/region, location proximity, conquesting, and consumer journeys. Share your brand voice, directly to consumers during key buying moments in their daily shopping experiences through Stingrays Retail Audio Network.