Stingray Launches Free, Ad-supported TV Channels with 11 Partners Worldwide; Potential Audience Reach Grows by Over 200 M


  • Qello Concerts by StingrayStingray KaraokeStingray ClassicaStingray DJAZZStingray Naturescape and Stingray Music 
  • Comcast Xfinity, DistroTV, Freebie TV, Freecast, MX Player, Peacock, Redbox, Samsung TV Plus, STIRR, STV and Vizio Watch Free add Stingray services to their content offering 

Montreal, November 25, 2020 – Stingray Group Inc. (TSX: RAY. A; RAY.B), a leading music, media, and technology company, today announced the launch of free, ad-supported TV channels with eleven major OTT providers: Comcast Xfinity (US), DistroTV (US), Freebie TV (US), Freecast (US), MX Player (US and India), Peacock (US), Redbox (US), Samsung TV Plus (UK and Germany), STIRR (US), STV (UK) and Vizio Watch Free (US). These distribution agreements grow Stingray’s potential reach by over 200 million viewers.  

With this announcement, Stingray confirms new partnerships with Freebie TV, Peacock, Redbox and STV, and solidifies existing relationships with Comcast Xfinity, DistroTV, Freecast, MX Player, Samsung TV Plus, STIRR and Vizio Watch Free. Stingray’s reach continues to increase at an exponential rate. 

Stingray’s free ad-supported TV channels (FAST channels) offer audiences a way to access music content at no extra cost through existing streaming subscriptions. Like other free streaming services, Stingray’s content does not require additional subscriptions since it is fully supported by ads. Now, more than ever, Stingray’s music offering will reach an even wider audience looking for quality entertainment. 

“What attracts the world’s biggest entertainment content providers to Stingray’s music services is our expert curation and adaptability to many platforms as technologies and audience needs evolve,” said Eric Boyko, President, Co-founder, and CEO of Stingray. “I am thrilled to launch our free, ad-supported TV channels with new and existing partners to drive organic revenues and connect with an even bigger audience. With these new distribution agreements, we have grown our potential worldwide reach by over 200 million viewers.” 

FAST Channels highlights 

Qello Concerts by Stingray features concert-films and award-winning music documentaries from the biggest and most influential artists, bands, and musicians. The channel is carried by DistroTV, Freebie TV, Freecast, MX Player, Samsung TV Plus (UK, Germany) and STV. 

Stingray Karaoke includes all the top songs to sing along to from golden oldies to today’s hits. The channel is carried by Freebie TV, Freecast, MX Player, Samsung TV Plus (UK, Germany) and Vizio Watch Free. 

Stingray Classica features breathtaking excerpts of orchestral performances, operas, and ballets including the grandest, most popular classical musical productions filmed around the world. The channel is carried by DistroTV, Freebie TV, Freecast and MX Player. 

Stingray DJAZZ features the world of jazz without limits or boundaries with a unique selection of rare documentaries, intimate portraits, behind-the-scene footage, and exclusive interviews. The channel is carried by DistroTV, Freebie TV, Freecast and STIRR. 

Stingray Naturescape/NatureVision offers an escape to a world of stunning nature scenes, all set to peaceful soundtracks. The channel is carried by Comcast Xfinity, DistroTV, Freebie TV, Freecast, MX Player and Peacock.

Stingray Music offers audio channels curated by expert programmers in all the most popular genres including rock, pop, country, hip-hop, and Latin. The service is carried by Freebie TV, Redbox and Vizio Watch Free. 

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